• Azim Izumi

Shaleza & Fariz // Solemnisation

Terengganu, Malaysia.

August 30th, 2021


Make-up artist: Arinnashams ( https://www.instagram.com/arinnashams/ )

Cinematography: Zintphotomotion ( https://www.instagram.com/zintphotomotion/ )

Henna: Hennabydianaganu ( https://www.instagram.com/hennabydianaganu/ )

Deco: Rahimimusacreation ( https://www.instagram.com/rahimimusacreation/ )

Of Shaleza & Fariz

Honestly, it was fun to have these two lovers as my bride and groom on that said date. They were being so cute together.

Yet, it was a simple solemnisation ceremony held at the bride's place. The ceremony was only attended by their close relative (as it was still under MCO's period).

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