• Azim Izumi

Hakiem & Zati // Solemnisation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

November 21st, 2021


Make-up artist: Erlmyra ( https://www.instagram.com/erlmyra/ )

Cinematography: Irfanshatiran ( https://www.instagram.com/irfanotfun/ )

Event's space: Escape 23 ( https://www.instagram.com/escapetwenty3/ )

Of Hakiem & Zati

Their married session took place on the morning at Masjid Segambut, KL. The ceremony then were brought to a very nice event space, Escaspe 23. Everything was perfect, as these two lovers enjoy their best day so much!

#Malaywedding #Lookslikefilm #Malaysianphotographer

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