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Amirah & Shahril // Solemnisation

Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

April 3rd, 2021


Make-up artist: Amirah Adnan ( https://www.instagram.com/amiraadnan__/ )

Cinematography: Hansfilm ( https://www.instagram.com/hansfilms/ )

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Of Amirah & Shahril

It was a very simple Malay solemnization of these two lovers, held at the bride's house in Kota Bharu. Nothing much extravagant during the day but yet, they were so happy to be married! It would definitely be the day that both of them be remembered. The ceremony begins with the arrival of the groom's side at 10 am and ended at around 6 pm with their Portraiture session.

The ceremony was attended by their only close relative (as it was still under MCO's period).

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